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Why Us? 

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       When you call 2 Cams Ice you are sure to get an answer from our employees. No need to wait on hold like you would with some of our competitors (Reddy Ice and Carolina Ice). We are a 24/7 services and will also provide services through holidays. Many have chosen  2 Cams Ice over our competitors being that we are the fastest and most reliable ice delivery or cold storage service. We are able to provide an emergency response thats our competitive advantage!


  • We can provide anywhere from 100 to 650 20-pound bags of ice, suiting your needs based on the amount and duration. 

    • We can leave a trailer full of ice at your business location or deliver right into your freezer if need be. ​

  • We also provide ice merchandisers that can stay at your business sites that we will come out and refill for YOU!   

    • These Merchandisers hold 80-150 bags of ice depending on the option you chose. 



  • We feature 3 trailer sizes for refrigeration or freezer use with temperatures ranging from 0-54 degrees.

  • Our trailer sizes range  from 5  X 10 FT, 7 X 12 FT, and 7 X 16 FT. ​​

  • Our trailer feature onboard generators that keep the trailer cool while we are making deliveries to different locations. ​

  • Our goal is to deliver our trailers within 4 hours, upon request. 

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We aim to provide the freshest, highest quailty ice and water at the best value on the market!

If you’ve ever lost refrigeration or had the need to produce large quantities of ice in hurry, you know how challenging it can be. While some restaurants, flower shops, grocery stores or produce markets have the ability to manufacture ice, few if any, have the ability to produce larger quantities, and because their products are perishable, refrigeration problems can be very costly. Its difficult to forecast a power shortage or refrigeration problem, so when the emergencies arise, we hope you will look to the 2 Cams as your emergency ice  solution

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